Touch Hunger

A poem by

Ceri Baker

with music and voice from




We're putting on a show of music and poetry collaborations to celebrate a whole year of Open Collab, and we'd love you to be involved! We have created a piece around a lovely poem by Ceri Baker called Touch Hunger that has some lush looped vocals at the end, and we’re inviting all our friends to sing with us and join in the virtual choir!

We'll then join all of your voices together for the big celebration show happening on Saturday 24th April at 7pm.

Here's a clip of us performing this collaboration as part of the Open Collab show in February:

Would you like to sing with us and be a part of this? Read more about the story of this collaboration below, download your parts to make your recording, then come back and upload your clips and we'll put it all together for the show!

Love in love out // love yourself // like no one // is watching

Back in February, the wonderful Devon-based poet Ceri Baker wrote a poem called Touch Hunger, inspired by an Instagram post from the host of BBC Radio Bristol's daily BBC Upload show, Adam Crowther. Adam talked openly about the importance of looking after our mental health and sharing looking out for each other after such a tough year that has involved a lot of isolation for a lot of people.

Ceri then submitted this piece to Open Collab (our monthly livestream show where we create music around poetry performances sent in to us from all over the world) and we improvised a piece around it, taking the wonderful words she had written and making some lush music for it.

Now, throughout April, we are celebrating our 1st birthday of Open Collab: a whole year of making creative collaborations between music and poetry, and we want to make this piece more connected and collaborative! On the show in February, we created some looped vocals around the last few lines of Ceri's poem: "Love in love out // love yourself // like no one // is watching" and we want to invite all of you to contribute your lovely voices to add to the choir!

We've created a few simple parts for the loops and recorded the reference tracks for you to sing along to and learn the piece from. It's super easy, and if you feel inspired to sing more than one part then that's totally cool! The more the merrier! We'll then combine all of the videos of your all together in a classic Zoom choir style and play it alongside us live on the show (which is happening on Saturday 24th April at 7pm over on our YouTube channel).

In the download tab, you can listen to and download all the individual reference tracks, as well as one with all the parts together. The loop is only 4 bars long, but we'd love for you to sing for as long as you can, and we'll loop it all together for as long as we feel like on the show! The deadline for getting involved is Saturday 17th April to give us time to put all your lovely voices together in preparation for the show.

Does that sound like a lovely time?

Sure does! Download some parts!

Ready to go already?

Upload your recordings!

What is Open Collab?!

Open Collab is a monthly livestream of music and poetry collaborations. We (Charlie + Jake) ask for submissions from all over the world and then we improvise musical worlds around the words, streaming live on YouTube from our home studio in Bristol!

We started Open Collab a whole year ago as a way to stay creative and collaborative during the lockdowns of the past year, and now the project has grown into something quite it's own! This month we're putting on a bunch of events to celebrate 12 months of improvised live streams and to let you all know that we're not going anywhere soon. We can't wait to see what adventures Open Collab will take us on next!

Join us on Saturday 24th April for a big old celebration of everything we've done on Open Collab over the last year! We'll be going live on YouTube at 7pm (UK time) and you can set a reminder and tune in to the show here:

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