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“It is in the claiming and naming of our power.”

From a spur of the moment idea to an explosive poem and performance from Tara Griffin roaring with energy and combined with original music from Charlie + Jake and improvised movement from dancers all over the world, She Wolves is a piece that celebrates the multitudes that make up the mosaic of womanhood.

“I will not be changed, instead I will make change.”

For our Open Collab show in March 2021, we brought together the voices and talents of women from all over the world to share their experiences and stories and put on a mini festival to celebrate International Women's Day.

As part of this, we asked friend of the show Tara Griffin to contribute a piece, and though she didn't have a poem that fit the brief already, she promptly got to writing. A few hours later and we were sent a voice note of her performance: an unstoppable freight train of emotions, experience, references and empowerment that left us crying on the kitchen floor. The project quickly grew as we created a track around her words to match the energy and passion she shared, and it inspired us to reach out to some talented improvisational dancers based in Argentina, Mexico, and right here in Bristol. With a turnaround of just a few weeks in the lead up to the show, we are forever grateful that all these collaborators poured so much enthusiasm and generosity into the project, including everything from flaming hoop and acrobatics to a beautifully designed dress and a steaming volcano in the background of a shot!

It started with a tiny nugget of an idea: to create a little multi-disciplinary piece for our Open Collab show celebrating International Women's Day.

It's become an international collaboration that has brought together our varied talents, voices and experiences to celebrate all things woman.

“We are the very definition of golden.”


César López

Simon Abel


Jakob op den Brouw

“I will not be changed, instead I will make change.”

Originally written and produced for International Women's day, the first incarnation of She Wolves raised money for WomanKind, now the official release will donate all revenue to the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. This charity is close to Tara's own heart:

"The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation supported me through my teenage years and beyond, all run by the most inspirational woman Lindsey Wylie in honour of her inspirational and beautiful daughter Allie."

Help us support this wonderful charity by buying the track on Bandcamp, or donating directly to our JustGiving page.